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It looks like that girl desperately needs real sexual satisfaction that no single guy can deliver! Now her extreme fantasies com true and she is well fixed wide legs spread. She is fully ready to be impaled on the enormous dildo of sex robot and even tries to stretch her pussy wide to fit that thing in. She takes vibrating wand and starts to stimulate her sweet clit to increase the please and as soon as sex machine sticks another dildo in her cock hungry mouth that tied up chick readily swallows that black device and starts to suck it intensively! It is really impossible to understand how that accurate pink cunt with narrow hole can accept such a huge device inside and get real sexual satisfaction from gigantic fuck machine and it seems that size really does matter!

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Sweet tender girl experience the full power of fucking devices here without any chance to resist increasing sexual tension! She is bound in some futuristic bdsm torture wheel with arms and neck fixed with steel yoke and legs wide spread giving absolute access to her smoothly shaved snatch. As soon as her cunt is penetrated with fat large dildo of the fucking machine she begins to moan louder and louder. After that another part f sex robot joins the game and starts intensive clit stimulation! It is impossible to resist that overwhelming sexual pleasure delivered by metal lover and babe in bondage cums really loud!

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Elyse has well built, muscular body of the gym instructor. rarely any man can satisfy her sexual needs, that’s why she decided to try fuck machines once and now she is in this theme for few years, getting full satisfaction only from robot sex. I wonder if any men ever can provide her as much as she gets from her “hobby”. Check this hot video sample there Elyse uses all the potential of fucking devices. She is riding her favorite lovers: Satisfyher and Crystal Palace getting incredible pleasure when their long fat dick penetrates her shaved hungry pussy. Her loud orgasmic screams is the proof that she got what she wanted and what she deserved as a woman. Join Fuck Machines for more exclusive video and photo content dedicated to the world of hypersex robots.

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Meet Emma, the old fan of sex robots. Being quite experienced and horny girl, this blondie shows us high class of machine love. In this video she uses several devices at their maximum capability. Turning more and more speed on the remote she is almost turn apart by huge dildoes attached to the fuck machines. Not satisfied with only vaginal sex, she uses these devices for anal penetration as well. It is really incredible how can these huge cock fit her tight asshole, but she gets so much pleasure from it that we must agree that it seems that size does matter. When you see her swollen wide open pussy and asshole you would understand that fuck machines are the key to ultimate woman’s orgasm that is impossible to receive from even from most experience man. Join FM website and enjoy more high quality movies featuring most horny girls on the net experiencing robot sex.

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Isis is bisexualal girl and she just love to make love with other hot women. Especially she likes inexperienced young girls that never before had lesbian lover. Even more, she likes to get these girls in various weird fetishes suck and  fuck machines. In this video you can follow the path of seduction of the new girl Jasmine into the world of lesbian and robot sex. Isis starts with gentle petting, but become more and more aggressive, finally gagging Kasmine’s mouth and making her watch and caress her while Isis sits on the fuck machines. Aroused and horny she gets orgasm and squirt all over the machine, making Kasmine lick all the liquid off her pussy. Next is her turn to make Jasmine cum and she uses all possible mechanical and electrical devices on her beautiful body. Being unable to resist these pleasure tortures, Jasmine gets orgasms one bye one till she is completely satisfied and exshausted. Join the Fucking Mahines website to get access to the biggest archive of high quality robot sex videos and weekly updates

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Holly West is new to the bondage fetish and she never been machine fucked , however since she is ready for the first try out robot sex – masters from FM are ready to assist her – they tie her down and attach sex robot called The little Guy to her vagina and just in couple of minutes helpless Holly starts screaming of pleasure and her pussy become like a niagara waterfall. Now being so aroused she is put in another fuck machines which use big vibrator on her pussy till she finally allowed to cum. The next step is the test of the new fucking machine – Pandora’s Box. This device looks very strange, like some extra terrestrial robot with some shiny antennas on its forehead. Holy West is tied up again and this robots starts penetrate her and use its tentacles with attached metallic vibrators till the powerful orgasm. Definitely, this kind of robot sex provides much more powerful orgasm then even double penetration of gangbang. Girls come out fully satisfied, with a look of deep happiness on their faces. Get access to the Fuck Machines website and enjoy video their girls are penetrated by robots till they burst in orgasms.

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This regular squirting competition is held between three girls Sindee, Vai and current champion Flower Tucci. The competition consist of three different stages their girls must show extraordinary abilities to cum quickly and to squirt hard during robot sex. The first stage if the orgasm competition, the winner is the girls who would first cum three time while being machine fucked . Second challenge is the distance squirting, competitors have few attempts to cum with use of sex robot and squirt the longest distance possible. The third stage is the aiming squirting, two girls must squirt not only with powerful but also with accurate stream and get in the face of the third girl fixed with her mouth open. This is the weirdest, but also the hottest video I have ever seen. It feature three girls, eight powerful fuck machines and four cameras are used to make the movie. I don’t want to tell you who is the winner, you can guess it yourself after watching these videos, however I would recommend you to join the original Fucking Machines website so you can get access to the full video of this robot sex competition.

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Meet sexy girl Vendetta, she is quite experienced and kinky lady. Most of all she likes BDSM, the mix of pain and pleasure, including tortures, bondage and electricity play. So today she is going to try something a bit new for her – the ultimate pleasure of being fucked by powerful machine together with some pain that only boost her to orgasm. Vendetta is fixed , her pierced nipples are camped and electric device with enormous dick is inside her tight, but already wet pussy. She seems to be really surprised by the pleasure that  robot sex is giving to her, but she is unable to scream since her mouth is gagged. Next, Vendetta trying something even more amazing – she is going to be penetrated by the anal fuck machines, while her body is whipped and flogged by master. Her small, tight asshole is now wide open and orgasms are coming one after one since actually anal sex is on of her old favorites. In the final scene Vendetta sits on the Bunny Fucker with her arms tied up and begs for someone to put vibrator on her clit so she can burst in the most powerful orgasm in her life. Join this fuck machines site for the full video of this robot sex action.

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Lavish is new to this kind of fetish – robot sex, however undoubtedly she has lots of advantages such as great natural tits, fine ass and smooth good looking dark skin. As professionals from Fm says she was invited by recommendation from one of their subscribers and they never regret. First Lavish is a little bit shy and frighten to use full power of fuck machines, but on only like a half an hour she forgets about everything being fucked mercilessly by the Bunny the Fucker the power sex device made to please insatiable horny women. Her pussy is dripping wet she screams like mad and after first orgasmic wave she squirts and her whole body is trembling cause of pleasure delivered by robot sex. I am sure that its not her last video and would be able to enjoys this girl many more times, since now he is another addict of fuck machines. Join FM and follow her career and a sex robot lover.

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Meet Jesse Cox, she is 19 years old beautiful girl with natural tits, well shaved pussy and pretty horny face. She like to try everything new, if she knows that it can possible satisfy her sexual needs – for example robot sex. Jesse starts with masturbation with vibrator so she can get warm, wet and ready for fuck machines. First, she tries Rocker, the mechanical self satisfying device, it turns her on so much that she wants to continue with Dragon with her legs wide apart and her mouth screaming pre orgasmic moans. After her first orgasm she can’t be stopped and wants to be fucked by the ultimate device – Crystal Palace. And believe me she didn’t mistake, since she almost lose consciousness of powerful climax. join Fucking Machines and watch more real girls orgasms while they enjoy sex with robots.